I happened upon Safa Argan cream at the Farmer’s Market in Solana Beach. Now in my 50s, my face has definitely lost its natural oils, especially on my cheeks. I was a big fan of Kiehl’s, but thought I’d give Safa Argan cream a try. Not only is the cream just as good, you cannot beat the cost – twice as much product for half the price. Why in the world would I ever go back? I’m going to purchase the cream and the oil and mix a little before applying before bedtime. This is truly a fabulous product!

Maureen Roye

I looked far and wide for an argan oil that would suit my skin and hair but couldn’t find any because of the number of additives in most products out there. And then I found SAFA ARGAN. It has been the best find for me ever because your products are natural, made with pure argan oil and least amount of additives. My skin and hair not only look better , they are much healthier too. Thank you Safa Argan

Arpita Gupta

I absolutely LOVE your product. My skin has never felt so good! The appearance, texture, and over all quality of my face, lips, neck and shoulders has improved dramatically over the past 5 months! I have oily skin and would often be plagued by adult acne. I have even had people comment and ask me what I use. This has never happened before. I live in Wisconsin, and the weather can be unpredictable , and harsh. I was visiting my parents in Punta Gorda, Florida in March 2018, and SAFA Oil was being sold at the Farmer’s Market there. I would recommend this product to anyone, but especially if you are in the 40-50 year old age range. I am on the better end of 47, and have tried many, many, many products over my lifetime. I have used the oil, and soap exclusively on my face and body over the past 4-5 months. I am often very skeptical and did a lot of a research on your product, and was impressed. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

Courtney Kirchner

i bought this shopping at the thursday morning farmers market, and i love it, it’s better than all the other oil’s out there because they pointed out, argan oil is the only ingredient it’s the best, i would buy it better than anything off the shelf in the beauty store, those contain ‘FILLERS!’ thanks for reminding this is the best pure authentic oil

i put some on my dry hands and nails because of eczema and it’s already healing better than dr.’s prescription…it’s like a miracle oil, i put a couple drops at the ends of my very long hair, it’s so soft and beautiful feeling now, it’s helping prevent spilt ends…or on any dry skin, anything


I have never been able to grow my finger nails long: they always flake and split, and are super weak. I bought some of this argan oil, and I put a drop on each finger nail and rub it in (including cuticle and underneath the nail), then let it dry for 10-15 minutes. It works miracles! My nails have stopped flaking, and are strong. I am so happy to have found this solution.

My hair is also very frizzy and gets crazy split ends. I put my conditioner in my hand, add a drop or two of argan oil and mix it up, and condition as usual. This helps tame the frizz (I also do the same with castor oil and shampoo if anyone else has this problem!). If my skin ever gets super dry, I use it as a moisturizer. This stuff is a miracle product. Love it! Highly recommend.


I love argan oil and have been using it for some time now. My skin is super sensitive and I just say “it’s allergic to everything”. Argan oil helped reduce my adult acne and cured my combination skin. THEN I FOUND SAFA!! I couldn’t believe the difference of the quality of this oil compared to what I had been using. You can smell the freshness and feel the difference. With my other argan oil I still had a few spots here and there on my face but I was okay with it since it was a big improvement, but SAFA has completely cleared up my skin. I found SAFA shortly after moving to the west coast when my skin was reacting to the new climate. I am so glad I found SAFA at my local farmers market. It’s the only moisturizer I put on my face and the only product I use in my hair. In fact, the other day I had someone come up to me to tell my that I had the glossiest hair and she was wondering what my secret was. I sent her to SAFA.


A few months ago, I stopped by this booth at a farmers market they had at our resort in San Diego,CA. I usually dont like to buy unknown products as my skin is very sensitive but at that time my eczema was in full effect and I had left my lotion at home. I had red blotches, dry skin, and itchiness around my eyebrows and cheeks. It was almost instantaneously that I had relief of the itchiness. My skin LOVED this oil when I came back home to Missouri cold weather. Its worked wonders on my skin and has lasted a long time! I just ordered another bottle and cannot wait to receive it.

Veronica Eslava

I live in North County San Diego and stopped by the Argan Oil Booth at a farmers market one Saturday. I had never heard of Argan Oil before but was intrigued when the booth guy told me it would soften my hair. Dry, course hair is what I’ve lived with all my life and this guy was promising me soft hair??? I was skeptical since it was about 15mins away from closing time so I thought his insistence that it really worked was to just make a final sale before tear down. I decided, what the heck, let’s give it a try.

OMG! My hair is sooooooo soft now. It’s amazing! Some days I can barely get any work done at my job because I’m fiddling with my new found soft hair! The funny thing is, after reading the comments above, I see I’ve been doing it ‘wrong’. I didn’t know you were supposed to put it on BEFORE you showered! All this time, I put it on AFTER I came out of the shower. First, I would towel dry my long hair, divide my hair down the back, do one dropper full in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, then massage it into one half of my hair, then I’d get another dropper full and do the other side. I would leave it in as my hair air dried. I don’t think I will change how I administer it to my hair because it is working beautifully.

As I was nearing the bottom of the bottle, I knew I MUST get more and since I was in a beauty store, I figured one brand of Argan Oil was as good as another so I bought what the store had on it’s shelf. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! That product was TERRIBLE! I should have known it was going to be awful since Argan Oil was like, the 5th ingredient down. My hair dried right up on that product. It was a matted mess in less than a week.

That’s it, I thought. I need to stick with this miracle product and NOTHING ELSE WILL DO! That’s when I looked closely at the bottle to find a website, which brought me here. If truth be told, that was the 1st time I had read the bottle! I didn’t bother to read it before because I thought the booth guy made it clear how to use it. If I had read it, I would have known to put it on my hair before a shower. But the other neat discovering was, I didn’t know it was good for skin and nails too!

Yessiree Bob, I’m going to use it as a better-than-Botox product now. If it could tame my unruly hair, I’m sure it does what it’s advertised to do for skin and nails too! I love this stuff.


Just yesterday, I had a medical procedure done at a local hospital. I could not believe the comments from from one nurse and then the other; they commented on my beautiful skin, saying I could not possibly the age I stated on my records. I am an outdoor person, but I do use argan oil daily and the results amazing! I bought the product at a local farmers market and and I could not be happier with my purchase!!

Veronica Eslava

I was at a farmers market when I saw the Safa Argan Oil booth and had to stop by. I was amazed at the price of the bottles in comparison to those sold in Sephora and other high end cosmetic stores, and the fact that the proceeds help support the women and community that is producing this amazing product. Anyways I’m literally OBSESSED and will never use anything else on my face. I use the Argan soap with a cleansing face brush so that I get a deeper cleaning than just washing my face with my hands, then use a couple drops of the oil after all over my face and around my eyes. My face has never glowed more in my life and I feel like it’s actually helped keep me clear of breakouts. It’s so moisturizing you don’t even need to wear a moisturizer. I just add some sunscreen and I’m ready to go. I think it should be every girl’s beauty secret because you seriously can’t beat the price, and the fact that it’s all natural and helping a great cause is just the icing on the cake. I bought some bottles and soap for my sister and mom and I’m definitely going to recommend to all of my friends. love love love


I was just in San Diego for a wedding and stopped by a little farmers market. I bought some of this oil and I just love it!!!! It was a reasonable cost for the amount and I wish I had bought two or three bottles. I use it around my eyes, cuticles, elbows, scars from surgery…etc. I love how the oil feel is gone fast, but not the moisture. As a oil user for healing I think this is a winner and will be happy to promote on all my mom facebook groups. I live in the mountains of Colorado and it’s dry up here! This is a must have in all homes! My husband even loved it on his dry forehead:)

Veronica Eslava

I have used your Argan oil for several skin issues, mainly to repair dry and damaged skin, but also for a minor eczema problem. I love your oil and can say that because I have used several others brands.


I was told the Argan Oil would help the psoriasis on my elbows. It is only product that works after using many others. I recommend it highly and I will be ordering more.

Veronica Eslava

Argan oil really is amazing and versatile!


I started getting cystic acne in my early 20s. I’ve tried microderms, chemical peels, prescription pills and washing kits, and laser treaments. I finally tried argan oil, and it has made the redness go away. It has also greatly reduced the amout of pimples. I also use it on my hands and nails before and after work because I wash my hands so often. This magic oil keeps my nails strong and my skin hydrated!

Veronica Eslava

I’m always in awe when I think about how the earth can provide everything we need to care for and nourish our bodies. In fact, I often find that natural products, straight from the earth are far superior to anything ”man made”. I recently happened upon a 100% natural product called argan oil, and it’s benefits are truly amazing. Produced from the kernels of the rare and ancient argan tree, argan oil is all natural and completely organic.
Argan oil has been known and valued for its numerous cosmetic and medicinal properties for centuries by the Moroccan people. Here are just some of the many benefits argan oil has to offer… Cosmetic- With cold-press extraction, the argan kernel yields a lightweight oil that absorbs much faster and is far less greasy than other oils. The rapid rate of absorbency combined with argan oil’s store of moisturizing essential fatty acids, vitamin E and anti-aging carotenes make it ideal for cosmetic purposes. Rejuvenates skin
Reduces fine lines, blemishes and signs of aging Protects against premature aging caused by oxidation Natural hair conditioner- repairs dry/damaged hair while restoring lustre and shine
Strengthens soft and brittle nails A great barrier between your skin and pollutants from the environment
Helps to reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity Protects your skins flexibility
Medicinal- The active substances called triterpenoids that occur in argan oil offer amazing skin protection benefits. These include tissue healing, anti-inflammatory, sun-protective and disinfectant properties. The oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids and is more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. Argan oil also contains 0.8% unsaponifiables (a large group of compounds also known as plant sterols or sterolins). Sterolins improve skin metabolism, reduce inflammation and promote excellent moisture retention.
The oil is considered highly beneficial for arthritic or rheumatic conditions.
It is helpful for lowering cholesterol levels, stimulating circulation and strengthening the body`s natural immune defenses. It is used to soothe skin problems including chickenpox, acne, psoriasis and eczema.
Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy, and reduces their appearance after.

Argan oil is wonderful for theraputic massage as it penetrates the epidermis and provides a wonderful sensation of well being. I’ve personally found argan oil effective in treating diaper rash and minimizing scars as well. Argan oil is-
Natural: Argan oil doesn’t rely on or contain any trace of the carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances or dyes, potentially hormone-disrupting phthalates, or toxic, unsustainable petrochemicals found in typical, synthetic skincare products. Noninvasive: Though it yields similarly miraculous results as Botox and other medical, anti-aging procedures, argan oil’s revitalizing effects are 100 percent organic and all natural. There are no side effects or potential long-term problems to burden you.
Nontoxic: According to the Cosmetic Safety Database argan oil has a hazard score of zero. It’s an all natural food grade oil and is safe to use on infants and children.

Argan oil is also a sustainable and cruelty free product that’s harvested by the Berber women of Morocco through fair trade cooperatives. The Berber women share all profits, which go towards health care, education, and community developments. The co-op has also established a reforestation project so the limited supply of these precious trees will not be depleted. I absolutely love that a significant amount of woman power goes into each and every bottle of argan oil, and by purchasing this oil, we continue to give Berber women hope for a better future.

I was introduced to argan oil about 4 weeks ago by Reda Benkirane, the owner of Safa Argan. After learning about the amazing benefits of argan oil from Reda, he was kind enough to give me a bottle of Safa Argan Oil to try for myself. I’ve been using the oil in various ways over the past several weeks and the results have been truly amazing. It is such a wonderful natural oil, I can’t believe I didn’t learn about it sooner.

We’ve used the oil to treat everything from acne to diaper rash and the results have been outstanding. Last week my 12 month old had a terrible diaper rash, and none of our regular diaper rash remedies were helping. Desperate to help her poor bottom I decided to try using argan oil, and to my surprise the rash was completely gone in less than 24 hours! We are a cloth diapering family, and so far the oil seems to be completely cloth diaper safe. I’ve also incorporated argan oil into my hair and skin care regimen, it makes a wonderful conditioner and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. The oil has also been helpful in treating my son’s eczema, which has been an ongoing problem for years.

I also appreciate that Safa Argan Oil comes in an eco-friendly recyclable glass bottle with a convenient glass dropper for easy use and application. I enjoy making my own essential oils and tinctures, so once the oil is gone I can reuse the bottles for other concoctions. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after experiencing the benefits for myself I can confidently say argan oil is definitely worth trying.


I ran into owner and company founder Reda at a work conference. He was launching his new product, Safa Argan Oil. We got talking about argan oil — I think almost everyone has heard of the hair serum, Moroccan Oil. This is similar — it is 100 percent organic, derived from the Argan tree in Morocco. It is different from the stuff you buy for your hair because the Safa serum is totally concentrated. After our conversation, Reda sent me a little bottle, and I have to rave about it. I’ve used it on my legs after shaving for a smooth finish. I’ve put it on my elbows and dry skin and seen amazing results. I’ve used it on my cuticles for an at-home manicure and I’m just loving it. Everything is soft. It is Midas worthy — instead of turning things to gold, it turns your skin into moisturized softness. Husband noticed and asked what I was doing different! It is because this stuff is mega rich in fatty acids and antioxidants like Vitamin E and Omega 6. Do not put it on your hair thinking it will smooth away the frizz. You will have an oily hair day! This is more for hair repair — you can put it on your hair before you go to bed and wake up and shower it out. Or even 30 minutes before or something. But it isn’t a styling product. Trust me, I tried, thinking “oh I have thick hair, it will work.” Nope, oily hair central. I was rocking a bun by 10 a.m. Please note that Safa is not intended for use as a styling product — it is intended to moisturize, not for styling. I just tried to be a rebel. Even better? This product is produced by a women’s cooperative that shares the profits among the local women of the Berber Tribe. The money provides healthcare and education to local women — thus supporting the entire community as a whole.

Veronica Eslava

Argan oil is great because it absorbs into the skin quickly unlike other oils that end up spreading to your phone, pillow, etc. You can use this on every part of your body. I rub it all over my face including the skin around my eyes and on the ends of my hair before I go to bed at night. I also keep some in my purse so that I can touch up my cuticles, lips and the dry spots on my face. I recently became a sufferer of adult acne and the oil really helps to calm the redness and sooth the dry patches since I have the type of acne that is both full on pimples and flakey dry patches. You will not regret buying this product and a small amount goes a long way so the price is good as well.


I have always had really dry cuticles and fingers. Also, recently engaged, I’m not used to always having a ring on my finger without taking it off. Anyway, the skin underneath my ring was getting dry and irritated (not from the metal, but my friend said it’s from soap and minerals in the tap water collecting there when I wash my hands). I purchased this product because it seems like a good cause to support as well as a good product. It’s more than good!! I rub a small amount on my hands (and now feet too) right before bed. My cuticles are not as dry, and the irritation under my ring is completely gone! I use it every night, and my hands and feet are SO soft! I recommend this to everyone!

Veronica Eslava